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The Firm combines a number of core practices with renowned expertise in areas such as Commercial Law, Media, Intellectual Property (Music, Movie, Edition, Internet, Trademarks and Image) and Sports Law

Its development has always been in direct response to its clients’ needs (serving both individuals and companies). Its goals are to provide tailor-made legal advices and services and to assist its clients in litigation.

Since 2011, Mr MICHEL-GABRIEL has been registered as a specialized Lawyer for Sportsman’s Agent and Mandatory at Paris Bar. He founded and presides the Association of such specialized lawyers (A.D.A.M.S.).

He is a member of the Association of Trademark and Design Law Practitioners (APRAM).

Mr MICHEL-GABRIEL is dedicated to establishing a close working relationships with his Clients in order to build trust.

The expertise of the firm

Media Law

Implement, protect, enforce and manage your intellectual property rights

Sports Law

A dedicated support and legal assurance service for market players in sports

Business Law

Protect and develop
companies interests